If you want TO LIVE, instead of to exist, if you want nothing distinct from healthy people it is necessary, To remember And observe 3 things:

TABLETS- D-penicillaminum+ Sulfate of zinc (under the recommendation of the doctor of the expert) for life.

The DIET - Strictly to keep to a diet, FOR LIFE, what illness, has not taken above you top. REMEMBER!!! Accepting medicines without observance of a diet you do not move aside recovery, and be trambled down on a place.

MODE - Strict observance of an interval of time between receptions of medicines and reception of food. - FOR LIFE.

Do not count, that Wilson's illness - the most terrible verdict, REMEMBER, on light there are more terrible illnesses. While the science has not found a way to cure us, but due to medicines we can LIVE, instead of exist. Day when scientists will learn to treat mutate structure, DNA is close. Observance of 3 things which I, have listed above, will allow you to live till this day.

And who to you whatever spoke:, go to the grandmother to the psychic or other healer... " REMEMBER!!! Listen only to doctors - neuropathologists and Geneticist's-experts through illness Wilson . The good doctor never will tell, that to observe a diet unessentially or that your illness sincere, instead of corporal. Or still any bosh which can be injurious to your health.

Do not trust charlatans to folk healers and the other sorcerers.